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Ever had one of those days where you’ve been submerged in a swamp of work, on repeat, till you’ve forgotten what to do with the day off that followed the emergency button your subconscious mind slam dunked.

My mind is rusty from the excessive autopilot mode. The fight or flight way of living grounded so deep into pits of my my canal I froze in the headlights of conscious self.

What was the point of food idolization? A pastel coloured instagram theme? A 70hr/week work schedule to escape to? A hot link to a movie site when you are just reluctant to start straight into the showers after work? A pathetic excuse of a non-attendance email to your daily duties? A sunday off to the mountains when you can’t even enjoy the scenery without understanding you have 2 hours to go till you need to drive back to the city?


“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Toto shifted her ankles to the right side of her heavy oak chair and grunted halfheartedly. Pumped full with nicotine dreams, it did not mean much to her anymore whether or not the view from the back of her neck is a green screen of the local picturesque pond from or fuzzed out sheets on a broken mattress.

“Get the munchies before the munchies get to you.” she said, lost in the hologram pieced together by society and insecurities.

Only two nights ago did she experienced a nauseating episode from up the water tower after making the mistake of peering down into the dark petrol green sea of leather wrapped trees. She imagined being swallowed by the branches and yet at the same time, unwilling to walk out, in fear of the prosecution that awaits at the end of the lane. Like witnessing unrelenting snowflakes accumulating on a frozen lake, perhaps it was better to just stay submerged in the water on the other side of the glazed crystal.