pour moi-même

An year and some more since the first post, it’s always motivating and warming to see a gradual understanding of one-self.

Elon Musk, Andrew Solomon, Sheyl Sandberg, Arianna Huffington, Mree, Childish Gambino, Jhené Aiko, Marrisa Mayers and Maya Angelou.

Hopefully much more, much much more.

We’re all frauds deep down. It’s nothing negative, in fact it’s what makes you real and gives space to strive to close the gap towards perfection. Only, there is no perfection but in the act of closing the gap itself. People say that the destination don’t matter, you don’t climb the mountain to stick your flag, you climb it so you can see better. Imperfection is what makes a being perfect, the way they cope and work around it using their own strengths. 

And if you don’t know your own strengths yet, don’t fret, it will come when you allow time to explore it. 

It’s like brain vomiting into a bucket then coming back a week later to observe it with a fresh perspective. Someone told me it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand all the vocab in a book, if the word is important, it’ll appear quite frequently. So that bucket of of sunshine and thunderstorms you’ve coughed up, embrace it and don’t belittle it because no one else shares the same experiences and context as you. You know best, give yourself more credit. Your own definition to things in life will surface as hindsight connects them as you go, it will peak through more and more frequently. That’s when you know those words and phrases are important in your book of life. 

Don’t rush because everyone else is ticking off “to achieve before a certain age” list, ticking off is no achievement if you go into it without feeling it and making a part of your own.