Running the real marathon

In the aftermaths of the Boston marathon bombing, the last thing I want to do is to post a cyber prayer and my heartfelt thoughts. Not when helpers/rescuers are silently yet efficiently assisting the community with actual aid and donations. Although I have to say it is a good thing this incident has helped spur the internet to shed spotlight and create further discussion.

“I don’t know what I can do, still I know I’ve got to try.” – Pocahontas, at the moment of John Smith’s execution, the spark to the outbreak of a war between the Powhatan tribe and settlers of Jamestown.

Few years ago when the entire little island of Taiwan raged against South Korea after what it seems to be a manipulated and biased outcome in a Taekwondo competition, it was my first experience seeing people I am acquainted with or even family members, spew cyber attacks on forums or participate in hate-trends. I was relieved that I’m positioned far away overseas, far away from the hatred and microscopic debates. Logic was out of the windows, and only came back in nitpicking statements for counter attacks.

You don’t have to be a Boston police of a surgeon/nurse in  the Boston Medical Centre to be of help. The front line is here, it’s within every single one of us.

There are many cases throughout the history where notable rage trends occured, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the attack of 9-11, territorial disputes for Senkaku islands etc, they don’t account for all cases but I guess this makes my Taiwanese and American (limited) culture background obvious? Heh. It’s scary, the amount of hatred poured into the words minimized the value of humankind to a mere numeric measure. People’s nostrils steamed with hate, they stack ‘wrong doings’ on top of disastrous events. Tsunami? You deserved it for bombing Pearl Harbor. North Korean’s nuclear attack? Serves you for bullying smaller countries to buttkiss China. Boston bombing? Oh, what about the drones you’ve sent to Northern Pakistan?

It’s difficult to judge an event without branching off analyzing the source of responsibility. After taking up an excruciating unit discussing “Just War Theory” (explorations on theories of when a war is justifiable), not one of the scholars were able to come up with the ultimate theory of how to categorize aggressive war or peaceful intervention. All of them missed the elephant in the room, the idealistic, naive, childish, utopian fantasy of that enormous elephant butt in their face.

LOVE. RESPECT. UNDERSTANDING. COMPASSION. All these basic quality traits of a good human being.

I cringed when i typed it out, I blame the cliché that’s attached to the words. The definition of the words are so big that people gets confused on how to begin. Should I donate to non-profits? Should I take an International Studies degree as a start to my adventures in making the world a better place? Do I work first to fund my philanthropic interests or can I survive on this path, since it’s a meaningful fight and thus must be able to sustain itself?

Yet half of the time I feel there are so many methods we can take to conjoin it all into a big positive strength to challenge the sources of hurt in this world. We need to understand being the same species, our conscious works the same too. We all have similar need for peace, the same urge to preserve our identities, we all hurt when inflicted pain, both physically and mentally. It’s so easy to start, you start with yourself. Everyday should be a challenge, don’t give in to the easy way out.

“We have to restrain ourselves from the same kind of hysterical reactionism on the other side of the equation, so that the hysteria and the blame and fear-mongering don’t spiral out of control, as so many would like to. If we don’t hold ourselves back, the world will be more divided than ever.” – Bina Shah, A Pakistani Response to the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Just start walking your marathon, you don’t have to wait until you’ve found a direction. You’ll find your way back onto the yellow brick road.

At the end of the day, not doing anything is worse.

I realized there has been a gap between this and the previous post. I’ve actually hit my first writers block, and only after my first blog post! Not that I have nothing to write about but because I was skeptic on producing an opinion page in fear the readers would get confused whether it’s a critique post.

People support social issues depending on their individual backgrounds. If a person is brought up where race is an issue, s/he would definitely be more interested in causes in equality etc. By no means am I taking away people’s right to grief over Boston, nor am I undermining (or boosting) it by putting it next to other tragedies in the history. This is a post documenting the inspired thought-train after following the Boston bombing news for a few days.


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